Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Think Before You Open Your Mouth

So it's finally happened...

Anthony Mundine's big mouth has finally jeopardized and perhaps even ended his career. Ironically though, not in the way we all thought.

In a bizarre move, this humble punter understands that "The Man" used "The Mouth" to clean a contact lens he had been wearing following a result of minor eye surgery the previous week.

As a result, Mundine was left with a serious eye infection that was feared could have cost him both his career and possibly the use of his eye. It is understood that most of the immediate danger has passed, however doctors will be keeping a close eye on the situation over the coming weeks, as it were.

Even Mundine, not often short of the dirty words, must surely have known that the tongue isn't the most hygienic of cleaning products.

Surely this is a poke in the eye for the beacon of common sense that is the Mundine persona; for most punters, the thought of cleaning a contact with the tongue surely rates just below not washing the hands afterwards, or going knuckle deep into the Lionel Rose (nose) looking for a mid-morning snack.

Admittedly, this boxing fan had begun to develop some begrudging respect for "The Man", as he has managed to keep the lip to a minimum since beating the Green Machine. It was a refreshing change that has possibly endeared him to many fans across the nation. Sadly, this latest incident has highlighted one salient fact many doubters have clung to throughout the hype; Mundine should perhaps engage his mind a touch more before opening his mouth.

I'm sure many boxing fans will be wondering just how he's going to be able to come back from this one. Let's hope he makes a speedy recovery and get back where he belongs, as the sporting geniuses Roy and HG would put it, in the squared circle.
All the best choc, hope you get well soon.

That's How I'm Seeing It,

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